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Temérin, or Bigiston, has been the cradle of our ceramics. The best clay was found here. There was a clay site where no one was allowed to enter, only the potters from the entire area had access there.

In the forest of Temérin large seaworthy boats were also made because of the planting of forest giants and other huge trees.

In the past Temérin has also been the headquarters of our great chief, the Stjura and the Stjura was in charge of all the villages on both sides of the Marowijne River.

Temérin is the place where petroglyphs were made on the ancient stone in the water. Temerin also means "where it is written". Bigiston is Surinamese dialect and means "big stone", a very different name than what the name of the village actually means.

Bigiston petrogliefen

When Father Albrinck traveled through the area, he referred to our people as Indians, but this has been disputed by various groups in the permanent Indigenous Forum of the United Nations. Ultimately, the name Indigenous people came to be and translated into Dutch, that is the word indigenous peoples. The name is confusing, because people refer to native flora and fauna as indigenous to the area, but indigenous peoples also object to people.

We have solved it this way to use our own name Kalinya and as an extra explanation we say, we are the native population of the continent of South America or the Ameyanas. Ameyanas means without borders. Our people lived mainly in the 3 Guianas more known as the wild coast, la costa brava.

Whole battles have taken place in our areas and the land has been invaded by all rivers. The reason was that it was believed that in our interior there was a golden city hidden in El Dorado and that a king the sun king took a gold bath every day in a golden lake Parima. The Spaniards, the English and the Dutch were firmly convinced that there was a golden city and with this in mind they tried in all kinds of ways to kill us and to take possession of our country.

But there was no golden city, or maybe there was a golden city, but this city had been transformed into another dimension. Just like the legend of the very evil monster, which ravaged our lands and which no one could stand up to. The legend of Paira Oende.

The legend of paira oende can also be traced from the petroglyphs on the huge stone at Bigiston.