Privacy Policy

In this statement, Equator Currency informs you that your data is handled carefully and that we ensure that the personal information you provide to us is dealt with confidentially. In brief, this privacy statement means that:

  • we will use your personal data only for the purposes agreed with you;
  • we will not share your personal data with others unless otherwise stated in this privacy statement;
  • we will properly secure your personal data;
  • we will only store your personal data for the duration of the relationship or for the period required by law.


Personal data

Equator Currency can process personal data about you because you make use of the services of Equator Currency. Equator Currency can process the following personal data:

  • Your first and last name;
  • Your email address;
  • Your IP address.


Why Equator Currency needs your data

Equator Currency will not collect or use your personal data for any purposes other than those described in this privacy statement unless we have your prior permission to do so. We process your personal data in order to:

  1. perform a service contract we have concluded with you;
  2. use your personal data to contact you by telephone if requested by you and/or to approach you in writing (by email or post);
  3. inform you about our services.


Use of Equator Currency's services and retention period

When you make use of Equator Currency’s services we ask you to provide your personal data. We need this data to be able to supply our services. It is stored in Equator Currency's data files, in accordance with the statutory retention obligation. Personal data is not stored longer than is permitted by law.

Sharing with others

Equator Currency will not pass on your personal data to third parties unless this is necessary in order to perform the services of Equator Currency. They are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.

Cookies and Google analytics

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit our website. Information is stored in these text files which can be recognised by the website during subsequent visits. Analytical cookies show us which pages are visited and which items are clicked on our website. We use Google Analytics for that purpose. The information collected by Google in this way is anonymised as much as possible.

Deleting cookies

Cookies are stored on your computer and they can be deleted at any time. It is very easy to do so. Click on one of the browsers below to go directly to your browser's user guide. Please be aware that after deleting cookies you have to reset your preferences on some websites or have to log in again.

If you do not want any websites to place any cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings in such a way that you get a warning before any cookies are placed. You can also adjust the settings in such a way that your browser refuses to accept any cookies at all or cookies from third parties. You can also delete cookies that have already been placed. Be aware that you have to adjust your settings for each individual browser and computer.
You should also be aware that if you refuse to accept our cookies, we can no longer guarantee that our website works properly. Some functions of the site may no longer work, and it may even happen that you can no longer view some websites at all.

Viewing, amending or removing data

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data. You can send a request for access to your data or the correction or removal of your data or any complaints about the manner in which we handle your personal data to


Equator Currency takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to combat its improper use, loss, unauthorised access, undesired publication and unauthorised amendment. Equator Currency’s website uses a reliable SSL Certificate to guarantee that your personal data does not get into the wrong hands.